Simple Yet Effective Uses of Paper Bags


Paper bags are a great alternative to traditional gift wrapping. We offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs that are sure to meet all of your needs. Paper bags are versatile options in gift giving, and we can help you create the perfect bag for your needs.


Paper bags are useful for nearly any gift, and they make wrapping those awkwardly shaped packages simple and easy. Our paper bags are available in both white label and wholesale options, allowing you the freedom you need. These paper bags are made of high quality materials, and can be designed to meet your specific needs. We also offer a wide range of sizes and shapes to help you find the perfect options for your gifts and packaging needs.

Our gift paper bag can be designed in numerous ways, with high quality paper and color options. You can also choose from a wide variety of handle and carrying options to create unique bags that you will love to give as gifts. We even offer white and naturally colored options depending on your needs.

Giveaways and Events

Our paper bags are a great option for use with convention giveaways and other events. Gift bags are a great way to keep your name visible during these events, as well as afterwards. High quality paper bags are reusable, providing numerous opportunities for others to see your name on giveaway paper bags.

If you want to promote your business, we offer many different design options, including satchels, winery bags, flat bags, and custom designed bags that allow you to promote your business in any way you desire. We offer bold coloring, as well as traditional color options that can be combined in numerous combinations and designs.

Why You Should Choose Paper Bags

It is no secret that paper bags are a much more environmentally friendly option when compared with the damage caused by plastic. Our paper bag options are manufactured with strict attention to environmental policies, so you know you are choosing a responsible packaging choice for your paper bag options.

Paper bags are environmentally friendly, and provide numerous design, color, and styling options. Let us provide your paper bags for gifts, conventions, or giveaways, and you will be making sure that your name is visible, and used in a memorable way. Contact us today to see what options are available for your paper bag needs.

Saving Money and the Environment , One Paper Bag at a Time

Business owners and consumers alike are now being faced with a dilemma that was on its way for years and has finally arrived. Environmental awareness and activism paired with scientific research has shown us the negative effects we are posing on our environment.

paper bags wholesale

With the concerns surrounding global warming and pollution, governments are getting stricter regarding the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags given in stores. The cost for plastic and now even paper bags is going up, not long ago both were free and a store courtesy. Customers in certain districts of the United States are already being subject to fees for their bags. Store owners regrettably must charge a fine per requested bag even if there is a very large purchase made buy the customer.

We have a solution that addresses both of these problems, simultaneously reducing pollution and reducing cost. As a printed paper bags wholesale provider of 100% recycled paper shopping bags we pride ourselves in supplying businesses around the world with environmentally friendly and affordable solutions to this crisis.


Customers can rest easy knowing they aren’t contributing to the pollution the environment when they are out shopping and business owners have an eco-friendly and cheaper solution to providing customers with a means of carrying their purchases.

We offer our printed paper bags as white label and wholesale. Let us supply you with the best alternative solution for your needs. Though made from recycled materials are bags are of excellent quality and can hold just as much product and weight as traditional paper bags. They are refined and we can supply large orders or small ones without a problem. Join us in our mission to bring efficient, economic, and environmentally positive business solutions to the world. We would love to have your business and can provide you with answers to all your questions regarding our product and services. Visit to know more…